NFTIV’s Technical, Marketing & Operational (TMO) strength and service cover the basic needs for you to migrate to Web3 space - a codeless and seamless experience.
NaaS (NFT As A Service)
Create Own branded NFT platform 
INO (Initial NFT Offering) &
Second Market
Multi payment channels & Multi chains between Metaverses
Codeless experiences for creators
and industrial leaders
NaaS (NFT As A Service)
Create Own branded NFT platform 
NaaS (NFT As A Service)
Create Own branded NFT platform 
NFTIV’s technology enables Web3 and NFT platform like no other.
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No coding knowledge is needed.

One-stop solutions
to help you build, govern, and grow your
business across industries and regions
less Gas fee
fiat payment
to email login user for real web3 experiences

Our Launched Initial NFT Offering (INO)

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Asia Crypto Girls (ACG)

Asia Crypto Girls (ACG) is a Naffiti NFT collection that recognises and celebrates the talented, beautiful and empowered female artists in Asia. Harmful stereotypes have long been plaguing the entertainment industry, especially in Asia. The dreams of many talented female performers are often withheld just because of the many labels that the society has placed on them.

Hide the Pain Harold by 9GAG

Hide the Pain Harold is a collection of 10 unique meme NFTs celebrating the project of “Hide the Pain Harold: The Movie.” Each NFT is a real storyboard picture from the pre-production of the “Hide the Pain Harold: The Movie”, featuring the legendary meme star András Arató (Hide the Pain Harold). The NFT collectibles live on Ethereum blockchain, and the rare NFT holders will have the opportunity to appear in a cameo role in the Hide the Pain Harold movie.

Journey to the West

Mr. Khoo Fuk-Lung, a famous local comics legend, has witnessed the rise and fall of the local comics industry at different times. Mr. Khoo entered the NFT market for the first time with the blueprint of the famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West". His works are very Hong Kong comic style. Through this NFT project, Mr. Khoo hopes to explore the possibility of comics and NFTs and usher in new opportunities with the Hong Kong comics industry.

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