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NaaS Model’s Ecosystem

NaaS Productization

WEB 3.0 Automation

Web 3.0 is built on a decentralized blockchain protocol where there is no centralized ownership of content, services, or platforms. Web 3.0 enables Cryptocurrency integration with Digital Wallet (ex Metamask), Smart Contract Integration and many others.

Payment Gateway

NFTIV provides a modern, multi-functional and secure electronic payment system for your businesses; using both Fiat Payment, Visa/Mastercard, and different kinds of cryptocurrency like ETH, ERC-20 tokens, etc.

Smart Contract

Create your own smart contracts and deploy them on blockchain in no time. NFTIV allows any user to generate its own NFT collection Smart Contracts through a simple process. These will allow you to perform whatever you need; deploy on the different EVM networks, run pre-sales, public sales and buy or bid in 2nd market etc.

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Marketing Advisory & Social Media Set-Up
Marketing and community campaigns are very important and unique in the web3 space. Our advisory service will grow with your team to succeed in engaging your members. We are here to help you to set up and manage the needed social media channels and the overall marketing advisory you need.
  • 1 on 1 Session with Community Expert
  • Campaign Advisory Session
  • Campaign Execution & Monitoring
  • Social Media Analysis & Report
Tech Support
NFTIV’s team of experts are ready to assist you to develop your unknown market value. We also provide individuals with access to blockchain technology or experience opportunities to incubate all parties in the blockchain industry.